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Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the new criteria for lighting quality are given below. Find out more about your lighting systems and find out how to shop for lumens, not watts, for fixtures.

What makes Prastara distinctive?
A team of talented artists who are constantly busy figuring out new draughts every season are gingerly designing Prastara deco walls.
We only use high-quality, elegant, comfortable, and sturdy components at Prastara that will undoubtedly enhance your dream home. Prastara continues to build a great reputation worldwide for its products and aims in the future to meet high customer service standards and more visionary ideas.
Our supplies are:
  • Handcrafted
  • Fabricated in India
  • Diverse spectrum
  • The Raw Material Upcycled
  • Resistant to the Weather
  • Simple & fast application
What are Prastara's crude materials?
We only use high-quality, elegant, comfortable, and sturdy components at Prastara that will undoubtedly enhance your dream home. The products are manufactured by combining the best quality special concrete additives, lightweight quantifies, solvents, modules, adhesives, manual facilitators, cement and natural colour resins. The raw materials are best in quality, most of the recycled items are used, and the ingredients are chosen and the production process is environmentally friendly. We believe in making investments in artistic goods that value nature and human life.
Instead of natural stone, what are the top features of using Prastara?
  • Prastara is designed to withstand extreme weather, and it is Nano Coated.
  • Prastara’s installation does not produce rubble remains that would be created by the natural stones as a by-product.
  • Easy-to-handle because Prastara products are lighter in volume than natural stones and are delivered with precise dimensions in a packed carton.
  • Prastara can be installed much faster than natural stones seeing as, without using additional configurations such as cutting or carving, it is properly designed to give aesthetic results. The veneer composition of each stone consists of pieces of specific dimensions that guide the technician during the process of installation.
  • Available to meet modern architectural requirements in a wide range of textures, colors, and sizes.
  • Prastara products are 100% compatible with natural & medical applications.
  • A lifetime guarantee is offered by Prastara.
What is the efficiency of installation that Prastara offers?
You can install Prastara on a variety of surfaces:
  • Block of bricks with a scratch coat
  • Boards of Gypsum
  • Cement, Wood, Glass, Tile
  • Concrete precast
In order to create durable adhesion between the Stone and the Substratum, we advise that the mounting surface should be properly prepared with the given adhesive.
How can I get Prastara clean?
A wet sponge, pressure wash, or air blower can be used to clean Prastara.


How do I fix Prastara in the occurrence of any damage?
The stone will be replaced in the case of damage (Conditions Applied)
We continue distributions for 10 years for any product built.
How are Prastara's Seamless Floors (LSF) on your feet?
Prastara Seamless Floors are similar to walking on a polished marble. Some of our clients have said our floors are easy on their ankles as opposed to their tiles.
Will prastara's Seamless Floors scratch?
Any surface can scratch, minor scratches are usually not visible. We use the strongest products available to us. Even our gloss finishes are not easily scratched.
What should I do if my floor gets scratched?
Generally, scratches are not an issue if a floor is properly plastered. If a floor is seriously scratched, it may require an additional finish to be applied.
How can I prevent scratches?
Keep your floor clean (dirt & dust are abrasives to any surface). Apply felt padding underneath the “feet” of any furniture coming into contact with a Prastara’s seamless floor
Is prastara's Seamless Floors slippery?
No more than other hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, marble or tiles. We recommend any water or liquid spills to be cleaned up as soon as possible for prevention.
How do I care for and maintain my prastara's Seamless Floors?
Prastara’s Seamless Floors are low maintenance. All is that is required is sweeping with a dry micro-fibre dust mop to remove dust plus a mop with warm water and a ph neutral all-purpose cleaner. Also to prevent staining, clean spills immediately after they occur, especially if they are acidic liquids such as orange juice or penetrating liquids such as oil or wine.
Is Prastara 's Seamless Floors stain resistant?
As long as the liquid is not left stagnant and is quickly eliminated, the properties of PRASTARA’S SEAMLESS FLOORS combined with the protective coating can protect the flooring from stains
How can Prastara's Seamless Floors be maintained?
Maintaining Prastara’s Seamless Floors is done by smoothly wiping the damp non-aggressive cleaning agent manually or by machine. Periodic treatment’s, whenever necessary, can lift up the finishing back to its original look.
Benefits of Prastara's Seamless Floors?
Seamless — no grout to be cleaned or replaced.
Light Reflective — energy saving from natural light reflectivity.
Hypoallergenic — Prastara’s seamless floors will not support the growth of toxic mold, dirt, pollutants or dust therefore is perfect for any sufferers of asthma or other allergies.
Hard-wearing — Prastara’s seamless floors is one of the most hardwearing, durable and long-lasting flooring options available.
Easy cleaning — Save on money and time plus environmentally friendly with no harsh chemicals

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