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Prastara - meeting place of Prasad Varga ( the Earth ) and the Pada Varga ( the Heaven ) To align our designs to the significance of ``Prastara`` that is to make our walls an unforgettable meeting place. Our dedicated and artistically talented in-house originators are continuously innovating to give a new season, a new vision to your journey. At Prastara we consider you as our own and hence we are committed.

Prastara as a brand aims to foster customers delight by providing best in class Products and that's one of the reasons why Prastara stands out as an entity with revolutionary ideas, skilful craftsmanship and conjugation of eras.



We are a family of furniture makers. We strive for a healthy home. A safe place for our children. When we think of the future, we envision a sustainable economy that preserves the planet and leaves no waste products.
For this reason we decided to produce Prastara unlike any other company by using only 100% natural materials. We are working towards a more sustainable lifestyle by making our home products entirely biodegradable, free of any risky materials and toxins and also extremely durable.


To be a leading and trusted provider of custom designed space management solutions in the region by providing world class manufacturing of premium quality products and superior customer service.


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