Prastara – Inspired by Nature

Prastara deco walls are gingerly designed by a team of talented artists who are perpetually busy figuring new drafts every season as you can view on our page.
At Prastara, we use only high quality, stylish, luxurious, and durable elements that will undoubtedly enhance your dream home.
Prastara continues to build a great reputation for its products worldwide and aims to fulfill high standards of customer service and more visionary ideas in the future.

Our Products

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Fashion Floors
Brick Series
Concrete Facades
Concrete Walls
Art Book
  • Parastara Decorwall

    Prastara presents deco wall which is been curated with our best designers where the luxury and Stability bash together and makes your dream home.
  • Parastara Seamless Fashion Floors

    In the recent past, lot of changes has occurred in the beautification and restoration of surfaces: specially floors. The building industry is requiring the need of decorative surface layers which allows you to create uniform surfaces with minimum possible number of joints, that to with…
  • Parastara Brick Series

    In continuation of our various offerings, here we bring to you the stylish and comprehensive portfolio of PRASTARA- Bricks. The unmatched perfection, the high quality, the unmistakable craftsmanship, the years of experience and the use of up-to-date technology guarantees…
  • Parastara Concrete Facades

    While grey might be the first image that comes to mind when we think about concrete, allow us to help ours mind eyes see little further. As the common material, concrete shows one of the most essential beauty, with the natural appearance of calm charm.
  • Parastara Abstract Series Moldings

    Good project is just a part of success, the rest is determined by our own choices. Wishing to surround ourselves with beautiful things we select stylish and those of exceptional design. Obviously, beautifully arranged interiors make living much more pleasant. Prastara…
  • Parastara Art Book

    Art is a highly diverse range of human activities engaged in creating visual, auditory, or performed artifacts— artworks—that express the author’s imaginative or technical skill, and are intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

New Products

Why Prastara Decor

Prastara Wall panels are capable of harmonious coexistence and being varied without undergoing destructive actinic diminish or demonstrate mutual antagonism.

Relating to the art or method of designing and constructing your walls and floors. Prastara Inspired by nature, design specs blend with different techniques and coatings.

In or toward the open atmosphere, Our deco wall panels have many model choices in natural stone and brick that we can guarantee application for outdoors.

Prastara Nano coatings are completely invisible to look at and almost undetectable to the touch.
Nano coatings are also completely safe. They contain no harmful chemicals, no volatile organic compounds, nothing that’s going to hurt you or your family.

100% plastic-free and natural from start to finish

Prastara Modular  is pre-made or ready made furniture which can be used according to the need and room spacing.

Concrete Color Finishes

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